Hello there! I’m Francesca

Welcome to my creative corner! I'm all about wearing many hats in the creative world, and I've got the experiences to prove it.

Versatile and creative

I'm a versatile creative professional with a strong foundation in graphic and digital design.

My skills extend across various facets of the creative field, making me a well-rounded asset for your projects.

Adding depth to the projects

In addition to my roles as a graphic and digital designer, I'm also an animator with a passion for bringing images to life.

Animation is not just a skill; it's a way of adding depth and personality to your projects. Whether it's animations for video or creating captivating animations for the web, I have the expertise to enhance your visual content

Give a boost to your idea

I have a specialization in developing dynamic visual assets for marketing campaigns, encompassing both static and animated elements.

In my role as a content creator, I bring your ideas to life through compelling visuals
Besides being a designer I’m also a Linocut artist
Check out some of my works
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