Discover the magic behind my artistic process

Step into the heart of my creative world on a guided tour through my artistic process. Here, I unveil the intricate steps that lead to the birth of my linocut illustrations. Explore the precise techniques, the meticulous stages, and the moments of inspiration that bring my art to life.
From concept to canvas
It all begins with some good inspiration and a blank canvas. Here, at the very beginning of my creative journey, I put pencil to paper, bringing to life the ideas that will soon find their form on the linoleum plate.

Translating ideas to linoleum plate: the carving begins

Once the sketch is complete, I move on to the next step, transferring my design onto the linoleum plate and initiating the carving process. The duration of this phase can span from a few days to several months, dictated by the intricacy of the illustration and the number of layers it involved.
The art of paper selection in printing
Now, we dive into the exciting world of printing! Selecting the right paper and ink is particularly important to achieving the best possible aesthetics for the illustration.

Choosing the perfect ink

When it comes to my prints, I consistently prefer Cranfield Safe Wash inks. I have a deep appreciation for how these oil-based inks perform on various paper types. However, the world of linocut offers a vast array of inks that excel in this technique, including both oil-based and water-based options.

Inking the linoleum plate: precision matters

Achieving the perfect balance of ink is crucial when spreading it onto the linoleum plate. Using too much ink can create a risk, as it can obscure intricate details in the final result by seeping into finely carved areas. Conversely, too little ink can create a highly textured appearance in the illustration when pressed onto paper.

Setting the plate on the printing press

One of my essential practices is the use of guides to accurately place the plate on my trusted Woodzilla A3 Press. This ensures a consistent outcome across all my prints, maintaining the integrity of each piece.

Printmaking: the most magical phase of all

Printmaking is undeniably the most magical phase of this entire journey. It's the moment when your design comes to life on paper, and the feeling of it, as you reveal the print, is simply extraordinary.
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